Evolution Interactive Notebook Activities

Evolution Interactive Notebook Activities

60+ Pages of Interactive Notebook Templates | Differentiated | Created by Getting Nerdy Science
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Interactive Notebook Activities
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Life Science Interactive Notebook Bundle: ALL UNITS
Life Science Supplemental Bundle: ALL UNITS
Life Science Supplemental Bundle: ALL UNITS

Lesson Description

This Evolution Interactive Notebook activity pack will get your students to be critical thinkers and inquirers in their studies of evolution.

Included in this activity pack are 15+ activities covering the following:

  • Evolution introduction vocabulary word cloud and graphic organizer
  • Evolution "evolves" mini-booklet
  • Evolution vocabulary flippers (2)
  • Who is Charles Darwin four door flipper
  • The controversy of evolution writing activity using political cartoons
  • Darwin's Galapagos travels and his finches notes and cut and paste
  • Types of speciation flipper
  • Natural selection and peppered moths cut and paste simulation
  • Natural vs. artificial selection cut and paste Venn diagram
  • Natural selection and survival of the fittest flipper
  • Types of camouflage flipper
  • Whale evolution card sort
  • Evidence of evolution flipper
  • Radioactive dating accordion booklet
  • Evolution summary concept map

Included in ALL INB packs:

  • Directions for each activity
  • Teacher Notes 
  • Answer keys 
  • Photographs of each INB activity

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